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I've been away for a while

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged for over a year.  How lazy is that! Well give me a break, I haven’t exactly been sitting around.

At Talis we spent a lot of 2005 thinking about the next wave of technology in the world of software and the internet. I ran the Talis research group and we had lots of fun offsites and crazy discussion, like you should in research.  But unlike many places, Talis and its management team are focused on putting research and innovation in to action  (cheesy but true). So throughout 2006 we have been putting our money where are mouth is a building something amazing, something practical yet hugely innovative,  something that takes our 36 year old core business forward but aligns Talis with the coming semantic web wave.  And something which I am not going to talk about in detail on this blog :-). To follow the Talis semantic platform you can go to Nodalities , where over the coming  months you can find out what we have been building, tell us what you think about it and most importantly have a go with the APIs yourself!.

I am going to keep my blog focused on the underlining principles of technology innovation, economics and ecosystem. On Nodalities you can see how Talis is putting the principles into action.

In case you are wondering, Nodalities -> Nodes -> network theory, ecosystems, architecture of participation.  You got it.

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